Craison is a Level 2 contributor

Craison Facilities Solutions offers a Level 2 BEE, incorporating:

  • 51% Black Ownership
  • 30% Black Female Owned
  • 51% Black Youth Owned

Craison is a sustainable, responsible business group that supports ethnicism, law and local and international norms. We embrace the responsibility of the impact of our activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.  Our SED encompasses the deliberate inclusion of public interest into corporate decision making and the honoring of Triple Bottom Line (TBL).

People, Planet, Profit

Our corporate social investment and moral obligation to our community and society at large includes:

  • Community upliftment projects
  • Hygiene education and awareness
  • Sponsored services
  • Donations  

                 –    needy organizations

                –    priority social groups

  • Social development

                –    HIV/AIDS

                –    Environmental

                –    Self sustainability programme

                –    Breast cancer awareness

Training & Sills Development

At Craison skills development is a high priority and we are committed to promoting and facilitating the delivery of education.  We are focused on the development, enhancement and harnessing of skills within our industry. While we encourage promotion from within, priority social groups are targeted.

Our Training and Development objectives include identifying ongoing training needs while equipping employees with necessary skills, uplifting of staff at all levels, as well as fulfilling our responsibilities in terms of the Skills Development Act.  We are committed to improved industry skills, increased social investment and the establishment of an independent training institute.  Some of our Training and Development Initiatives include Learnerships, mentorships and internships and various skills programme.