Daily Cleaning

Most organisations today outsource services such as Cleaning as it usually does not fall within the ambit of their core business activities and objectives.  Craison, with its daily contract cleaning services, offers clients outstanding service and tailor-made solutions.

We are able to continually improve the way we perform, keeping client satisfaction a priority.  We are committed to managerial involvement and through experience, have acquired the skills to combine measured balances between labour and equipment in order to provide our clients with a proficient, productive, and cost-effective all-round contract cleaning service.  We utilise the latest cleaning technologies available, and are proud to be the only Cleaning Company in South Africa boasting Green Business Status awarded by Heritage. 

We carefully recruit and select people with high work ethics and who are focused on customer satisfaction, therefore building long-term relationships.  Our skills development programme includes thorough initial training, ongoing training, and specialised courses to keep our staff up to date with the latest developments in the industry. We believe in a hands-on approach which means regular management visits and inspections to ensure that services are rendered according to clients’ expectations. 

The Craison Contract Cleaning programme completes the comprehensive range of services offered by the group. 

  • Sectors:  Commercial, Retail, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Industrial and Mining
  • Essential cleaner attributes: aptitude, attitude, friendly and helpful disposition
  • Can service to HACCP standards
  • Compliance to all regulatory bodies and authorities
  • We administer all:  HR, IR, Payroll, Recognition, Reward and Compliance