Deep Cleaning

Periodic intensive Deep Cleaning is a vital component to attain the necessary levels of hygiene. Deep Cleaning is the concentrated, effective & specialised cleaning procedure of Washroom and Ablution facilities and their fittings. This effective way of descaling inaccessible areas deals with maintaining a high standard of hygiene by dedicated & specialized staff. Our deep clean staff uses quality tested and researched eco-friendly applications and specialised equipment to achieve optimal results while remaining cognisant of the environment.

Ablutions & their appliances are associated with scatological discharge and are therefore the ideal breeding ground for germs, which occur in hidden or isolated areas within these amenities.

Importance of Deep Cleaning your Facilities

Apart from eliminating dirt and grime, uric acid, unpleasant odours, and water scale, Intensive Deep Clean also reduces the risk of cross-infection and absenteeism in staff. By having a full workforce present the hygienic defence and upkeep of washroom amenities allows a cost-saving in the day to day running of your business. 

Toilets and Urinals

  • Faecal and uric acid scale occurs in hidden or inaccessible areas of fittings.
  • Reduces cross contamination.
  • Dirt and bacteria on toilet seats can lead to the transmission of communicable infections.
  • Bacteria accumulates in hidden or inaccessible areas.
  • Flush buttons are the ideal vector of the cross contamination of disease.
  • Uric acid scale in outlet grids causes offensive odours.
  • Lack of deep cleaning in urinal bowl traps results in heavy scale build-up.

Wash Basins

  • Dirt in overflows can harbour as much bacteria as raw sewage.
  • Scale, body fat and soap deposits harbour bacteria.


  • Scale, body fat and deposits harbour bacteria.

Walls & Floors

  • Dirt builds up on floors and walls, especially in corners, and deposits harbour bacteria.