Water Dispensers

You probably think all water tastes the same. But have you compared the tastes of different waters? Do you know what you like? Or just like what you know?

Our water is much lighter, and more refreshing than any other water you have tried.

Water is not only important for your productivity but also for the general health of our internal organs and circulatory system. Clean water flushes out the toxins that build up in our bodies from the environment, our lifestyles and the food we eat. Drinking clean, filtered, healthy water every day is the most effective and affordable way to good health.

Mineral Pot Water Dispenser

This aesthetically pleasing hot and cold-water dispenser offers filtered tap water.  Topped up as required with tap water means that you always have fresh, clean, filtered water available.

Purified Water– The filtration method we use is a three-way filtration system that is fully compliant with the SABS, namely:

  • Reverse Osmosis (this process removes all bacteria, viruses and mineral salts)
  • Nano filtration (allowing certain minerals into the water, but no bacteria, viruses etc)
  • UV Light filtration (bacteria control only)


All rental agreements are Inclusive of bi-annual sanitation and annual filter replacement. 

Inline water dispenser

This hot & cold-water dispenser is connected directly to your main water supply and supplies purified water via a 10-inch carbon filter which removes chlorines and other impurities.

Plumbing Points

We would require half inch plumbing points, with correct valves in order to connect the units. Installation is done at no additional charge, if the plumbing points are provided. 


Sanitation and maintenance will take place every 6 six months, along with an annual filter replacement.  There is no additional charge for this service as it is included in your monthly rental charge to ensure that machines and filters are maintained in a clean and hygienic condition. All rental agreements are inclusive of bi-annual sanitation and annual filter replacement.